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Large Format Digital Printing
We at P.R.Graphics have invested a lot of time in our Digital Print processes; having invested into state of the art Machinery our portfolio has become second to none. Working alongside Designers we have found out how creative we can be with this equipment. Large format print capabilities mean you can aim high (and wide), shouting your message loud and proud. The list of possibilities when it comes to large format print is almost endless. Be it printed posters, PVC banners, graphic panels, display boards or window displays; advanced print technology means we can print directly on to countless materials. From the standard to the rather unusual it can be printed on such as paper, vinyl, PVC, canvas, mesh and much more. Once we have established exactly the look you are trying to achieve we guarantee you will be impressed with the results. We don’t worry about short turnaround times either, if your request is large in scale but short in lead time we can help.