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Artwork Guidelines
You can supply your artwork on CD, DVD or Flash drive. We can receive files by email or go to upload link on this page, you won’t need a password just fill in the form.


The artwork files (i.e. InDesign document) plus any related files, placed images, included fonts etc and a colour proof where possible. All original artwork should be designed using CMYK FOGRA39 colour settings. Please provide Pantone references where appropriate. If your document contains Pantone references we will automatically print the closest match possible. If
FOGRA39 was not used to originate the artwork or Pantone references or a colour proof are not provided we will print directly from your file and will not be held responsible for unpredictable results as colour matches cannot be guaranteed. We cannot match metallic Pantones. If you are providing artwork which needs to be printed AND profile cut you must provide a vector outline. If you don’t provide the vector outline you will be charged artwork time for us to create it at £60 per hour.
Adobe Illustrator CS5.5
Adobe Photoshop CS5.5
Adobe InDesign CS5.5
InDesign - files must be ’packaged’ so all the related files and fonts are included. Please endeavour not to supply EPS‘s from InDesign, we prefer High quality PDF’s exported WITHOUT image downsampling and WITHOUT compression, with fonts outlined.
Quark Xpress - files must be exported out and saved as EPS/PDF with all fonts outlined. Please don’t supply native Quark documents.
Adobe Illustrator - Include all fonts or create text to outlines. Embed all placed images or provide them separately for us to embed. Please ensure that there is no overprint present in your Illustrator artwork.
CorelDRAW/Freehand - CorelDRAW and Freehand files are only acceptable if saved in PDF or EPS format. When exporting files as EPS make sure to select/create text to outlines. Please note that exporting files from CorelDRAW can produce unexpected results so we recommend that if this application has to be used you provide us with colour proofs.
Adobe Photoshop - For best results save files in EPS or TIF format at 300dpi at a quarter of the finished size, (dpi should be higher for very close viewing or if the artwork contains text), high resolution JPGs are also acceptable. If this creates a file size of over 500mb please call us for advice. We are now regularly receiving single files of up to 3gb, these are unworkable and very time consuming. We will never send a file over 1gb to our printers so please bear this in mind when creating artwork.
If you need to provide your artwork in PDF format it is imperative that it must be exported from a FOGRA39 colour space, be hi-res and fonts must be outlined before saving. We do not accept Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher or PowerPoint documents as artwork files. If artwork is not provided as specified in these guidelines you may be charged for artwork time which is £60 per hr.

Please feel free to call our Creative Team on 0121 789 7850 if you have any further queries.